Tuesday , March 20 2018
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Tourism Events

The Directorate of Tourism and Handicraft of Ouargla Prefecture welcomes the International Day of Tourism, which falls on September 27 of each year, as well as the National Tourism Day 25 June and the Arab Day of Tourism, 23 June, by holding special exhibitions for this event. , And participates in the folklore groups and associations of tourism and cultural and skill and equestrian and decorate the facades of tourist institutions …

Ouargla lives on the occasion of many celebrations associated with certain events, which gives the region a beautiful cultural face that reflects all the joy and joy in religious celebrations and events known as the celebration of the corner of Tijanit and the corner of Qadiriyah and the angle of Sidi Belkheer Shati and the angle of Sidi Mohamed Sayeh, which glorifies the traces and prospects of the righteous The organization of large festivals and shows is known as unrivaled turnout and brings in many interested researchers and suppliers.

There is also a celebration of the annual visit of the historic city of Sedratah in the spring and the celebration of the lake in two summers, as well as the celebration of cultural and tourist days and the traditional industry of Ouargla state during March and April.