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Religious capacity

Ancient mosques: Because the state of Ouargla is ancient and historical, there are many mosques still witness to the civilization of the region, including: the Mosque of Al-Maliki Palace and the mosque Ibadi and ancient mosques of Sidi Khuwaild, Shatt and Ruwaysat, dating back to the Islamic era.
Angles: The inhabitants of the region knew the system of angles like other areas of the homeland and these angles on two origins:
A – Individual or family angles: The angles established by good men and devout spend their money to serve science and memorize the Koran and feed the poor and needy, and the passers-by and the needy and from these angles mention (Zawia Tijanit, Zawia Qadiriyah, the corner of the corner, …)

B – Collective or solidarity angles: It was founded by the people and the people of the country in the name of the mosques and established the property and real estate, including (Zawyet Sidi Khalil, Zawyet Sidi Rashed, corner of Sidi Mubarak fasting …)
Mosques and centers of science: The mosque for the Islamic community is a center of cultural and intellectual radiation and a complex of consultation and cooperation to build a virtuous society and achieve justice among its members, and the home of worship and psychological comfort. Like the regions of our great country, mosques built by the people and built by scholars and teachers and sanctified by any reverence were constructed throughout the history of the region.