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Natural capacity

The state of Ouargla has enormous natural potential in the tourism field, which has not yet benefited the human being as a whole: large areas of sand dunes and grazing, and plains, including:

Sand dunes :
Most areas of the state of Ouargla are dominated by sand dunes, seen by the visitor from afar as mountains extended between the regions of Sidi Khuwailid, Shatt, or salary, Ain Musa, Hassi Melod, Burr, Anakusa, ovens, …

Sand Rose:
Is a flower of solid stone extracted from the sand, different forms and variety used for decoration and home decoration, the color of sand between the red and brown is located in the area of ​​the Bor village of Anqousa.

Palm forests:
The visitor to the state of Ouargla comes to mind as if this city is one of the trees and this is because of the abundance of palm forests everywhere and the most prominent of these forests: the forests of the Shat and Ajaj, Ain al-Baida, Ruwaisat, Mukhadema, Qasr, Said Atab, Gharbuz, Bouamir , Pamendil, Ankoush, Hassi Ben Abdallah, Sidi Khuwailid
… in addition to the other forests located in Tikrit, Tamasin, Alhjaira, Taibat, for cars, … etc

It is a small lakes, salt water, not suitable for swimming, but it overlooks the city spectacular tourist attractions located in the outskirts of the village of the coast in the municipality of Ain al-Bayda and Umm al-Marhab village.

There are several beautiful lakes in the state of Ouargla, including the wonderful lake of Tamtasin (the tourist expansion zone), two lakes with two berths (near the tourist expansion area and inside the palm forest).
Some of these lakes have fish.