Friday , March 23 2018
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The Directorate of Tourism and Handicraft of the State of Ouargla has the right to put this website at your fingertips in order to identify the potential and tourism capabilities of the state of Ouargla.
The province of Ouargla is considered one of the most important desert areas in Algeria, where the civilizations and events that have followed it have an important tourist advantage. It is also rich in many historical monuments, monuments and monuments such as sand dunes and angles, as well as natural monuments such as lakes, sand dunes, palm forests, Algeria is the region of Hassi Messaoud, where the pride of the petroleum industry in Algeria, as well as an international reputation due to the large number of foreign companies operating in it. The state of Ouargla is also a huge traditional industry because of its creativity and art, The traditional craftsmen are among the most important branches of the tourism industry in the region. The state also has an important geographic position and very basic structures. Important as it contains three airports linking the North and the States of the Great South, all these possibilities made it a transit area and economic destination and tourism. To further identify the mandate of Ouargla in the field of tourism activity, we invite you to sail with us through the pages of this site.