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Geographical location

Astronomical location
Ouargla Province is located on the longitude 5 ° 15 ‘east longitude and latitude 31 ° 58’ north in the south-east of the country, area: 163.233 km 2, it is one of the largest administrative groups, bounded
From the north: the states of Djelfa, Wadi and Biskra.
From the east: the Republic of Tunisia.
And from the west: the state of Ghardaia.
From the south: the states of Tamanrasset and Elise.
The locust site
Ouargla Basin is located in the south east of Algeria, which is part of the great desert and low length of 30 km, and width between 12 and 18 km, and a height of between 103 and 150 above sea level, extends between the Hilltin, the first is bordered to the west, a height of 230 m and the second from the east, up almost 160 m. It is connected to the sands of the Great Orient.