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The name that was known to Ouargla before the French occupation is: Arqlane, or Nkla, and renamed by this name what Ibn Khaldun went to the tribe of Beni and Arqlan Berber Ziyyat is the most likely words and differed in writing letters in the Arab writers a slight difference. Written by al-Bakri: An oasis of Bani and Arjalan (Arjeln). “It is seven fortresses for the Berbers, the largest of which is called (Agram to be), which is the fortress of covenants.
“It is a city where the tribes of Meyasir and rich merchants and countries and Naqara and they come out of the gold (Tbr) in the country …”
Written by Durr Jini: two legs in the layers of the people of the land of Tunisia, and the scholars of Ibadi in the seventh century AH. Yacout al-Hamwi (626 AH) mentioned it in his comprehensive geographical dictionary and wrote it like this: Two men without a thousand after the waw and seized it, saying, “Open the waw and rest again and open the gym and the last one is Nun.
It is a region between Africa and the land of the Gulf, a land in the land of many palm trees and good things inhabited by Berber people, and the city of this city is known as a cow.