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Climate and desertification

Climate Vargla is characterized by a low rainfall climate, high temperature, strong evaporation and weakness in biological life and the ecosystem.
Temperature: The recorded temperature in the month of July ° c36,3 ° C ° C37,32 ° Borgla, and in the month of January up to ° c11 in the trench and c11.5 ° Borgla, and in the summer often exceed the maximum temperature ° c45 and go down to Extremely ° c0 in winter.
Rain: rare and irregular, ranging from 1 to 180 mm a year. Like other desert areas, it lacks natural vegetation, but is rich in palm groves.
Monsoons: The wind blowing in the region is wind – north-northeast and south-south-east at speeds of up to or exceeding 20 m / s, southeast wind is hot. Humidity: Humidity ranges from 42 to 49%. Terrain Great Eastern Sweat:: A large sandy sea extends to cover two-thirds of the 2/2 area of ​​the state of Ouargla up to 200 meters.
Hamada: A stone slab is located in the Great Area of ​​West and South Ouargla.
Wadis: Vargla is characterized by the existence of Wadi Mead and Wad Reig.
Plains: Meet in the western boundary of the state and extend to the north and south.
The depressions are small and exist in the valley of Reg.